Anthony Burrows

Head Roaster

As CBD’s head roaster, Anthony is entrusted with bringing every sustainably grown, impeccably sourced, CBD coffee bean to its peak of flavor and brewability. A lifelong coffee roaster by trade, Anthony joined CBD in the fall of 2022. About his job, he says, “I help find and roast delicious coffee—what could be better than that?” He is also responsible for the rigorous quality control standards at our roastery. Originally from Syracuse, New York, this diehard Phish-head currently lives in Portland, Maine, where he enjoys “eating lots of delicious food around town and outdoor activities.”

His favorite Coffee By Design Coffee: I love the Colombia Pink Bourbon La Cristilina because of its ginger note. I’ve never tasted a coffee with such a distinct flavor.

His favorite band: Phish—they take you to another level of music appreciation.

His perfect cup of coffee moment: Sharing a coffee I sourced from the Democratic Republic of Congo with the Congolese community of Maine.