Gregg Michaud

Chief Financial Officer

As CBD’s chief financial officer, Gregg is the due-diligence guy who keeps the lights on and ensures that CBD is being thoughtful and deliberate in the use of its finances. Gregg joined CBD in 2021, wanting to return home to Maine and "get into something a little less volatile than healthcare," after having previously made his career in healthcare finance. When not doing complicated math or assessing project risk and viability, the native Downeaster says he “loves being active and outside in our beautiful state, from camping and hiking to island hopping or working on my old house.”

How he likes his coffee: This depends on the day: sometimes black to sip and really appreciate the natural coffee taste is great, and sometimes I enjoy a little cream and sugar.

Favorite thing to do in Portland: A dinner at Petite Jacqueline followed by a drink across the street at the Armory Bar.