Molly Poulin

Office Manager

Molly is CBD’s office manager, which she describes as “a role of many hats: coordinating, event planning, hiring, managing, supporting, filling gaps, it goes on…now my head is spinning! Ha!” Molly, who has a bachelor’s in social work (“a degree I hold very dear”), joined CBD in March of 2022 after working in the coffee biz as a barista and in various management roles. Says Molly, “I love being able to dynamically support all aspects of the business. I get to grow where I’m needed and learn where I need to improve, while simultaneously holding all the space between. Its challenging some days but it definitely keeps me engaged and focused.” When not juggling hats for CBD, Molly and her husband spend time putting their personal touches on an 1820s farmhouse in Western Maine. Last year, they introduced ducks to the property; this year, we hear, they’re putting in a garden!

How she takes her coffee: I love having a light roast for my morning commute. There’s just something about a good cup of hot coffee in your hand as you drive through the backroads of Maine that settles you into your day. I love quiet and simplicity, so I think the consistency of that first cup of the day brings me a lot of joy.

Most important lesson learned at CBD: Acknowledging my privilege in the industry— how important our role is in supporting farmers. This isn’t a new idea. Coming from social work, I have deep convictions regarding how my privilege plays a role in the needs of people. I’ve always wanted to have a job that matters, that improves the lives of others. It is critically important that we don’t just find the best coffee for the cheapest price—but that we take the time to invest in the livelihood of the farmers, and the ones picking on mountainsides and fields, by paying a fair amount for green coffee, by building relationships, by educating and equipping, by continuing to show up year after year. Quality relationships produce quality coffee. I think this an incredibly meaningful part of our work that is not mentioned enough.

Her favorite initiative that CBD supports: I was first introduced to the International Women’s Coffee Alliance (IWCA) very early on in my time at CBD.  These women are some of the strongest and most passionate that I’ve met in the industry thus far. I am so inspired by their work, their advocacy, and their leadership. They are forging some incredible pathways for the next generation, and I consider it a great honor to have met them and befriend them.


I think this was the first handmade mug I ever purchased. I believe it was a fall morning, I was at a small café perusing their wonderfully assorted handmade items, when this doll of a mug called out to me with her siren song. I needed to have it. I’m pretty sure I carried it around the café while I stared at the artwork, contemplating its weight in my hand, the precise handle, the perfectly dipped glaze—I like ceramics, okay? I held that ole mug and that was it, love at first sight. Still my favorite mug. I use it nearly every morning. It’s survived many moves, two lively cats, and one time I drove it all the way to the office but decided it needed to come back home as my morning coffee ritual wouldn’t be the same without it.