A Story in Every Cup

There is simply no Coffee By Design without the coffee farmers and co-ops we work with, located in a variety of regions across the globe. Our strong relationships with them result in the highest quality—and most ethically sourced, socially responsible—coffee we can make for you.

"Relationship" Coffee

At Coffee By Design, we are committed to building strong relationships with farmers and suppliers and giving back to the communities where we source our coffee. Working with farmers, co-ops, and organizations such as the International Women's Coffee Alliance (IWCA), we explore ways of doing business that can lead to better lives for all involved—and help us pass that legacy on to our children. It’s a vision of thriving, not just surviving.

Quality of Life 

Project work in Colombia, Guatemala, India, and Burundi, in particular, has shown that by being involved in ways which hopefully improve quality of life, we demonstrate to communities that we are interested in doing more than just sourcing great coffee. Over the years we have donated nearly $750,000, which has funded projects that include a wellness facility in Jardin, Colombia, where the infant mortality rate declined within two years and overall health in the community improved; an educational program in Coorg, India, which offers girls on coffee farms access to a better education where previously there was limited opportunity; and a school located at Finca Los Andes, Guatemala. 

100% Traceability

Every bean we sell can be traced back to the farmer, or community of farmers, that produced it. We believe that in order to fully understand a coffee, you need to learn about the culture that produced it, something only visiting coffee-growing communities can accomplish. That is one of many reasons we travel often to different coffee regions: to build relationships with the farmers and growers we do business with. As a specialty coffee roaster, we must be lifelong learners, always looking for ways to expand our understanding of what makes great coffee great, while staying true to our commitment to excellence in the cup. We believe a cup of coffee can be a cross-cultural node, and the origin stories of our coffees, farmers, and communities are an integral part of the CBD coffee experience. 

A Few of our Farm Partners

Gasharu, Rwanda

Los Andes, Guatemala

Hacienda La Minita, Costa Rica

Cerro Yaunera, Honduras

Café Orgánico Marcala Sociedad Anónima (COMSA), Honduras