Trevor Rager

Customer Service Assistant

Although his official title is “customer service assistant,” Trevor is an all-around, behind-the-scenes glue-guy, taking orders from wholesale accounts, getting mail orders squared away, assisting with signage, and helping people place their orders. Trevor studied printmaking and has spent most of his professional life in either printmaking or coffee. Originally from South Cairo, New York (just west of the Hudson, near Catskill), Trevor currently resides in Portland, Maine, where, he says, “I try my best to take in as much art as possible, movies, books, music, etc. — and work on my podcast, You Know That Episode, with my best friend, Victoria!” 

His favorite musician: Probably Lana Del Rey? I just really love how she's able to create this mythology in her music.

His perfect cup of coffee moment: Usually on my day off when I'm just having a cup at home and being lazy with the windows open.

Any celebrity encounters at a CBD coffeehouse: Unfortunately, no, but I hear that Patrick Dempsey is in town often, and I would be thrilled to see him. He's one of my celebrity crushes.


This was actually a gift from my co-worker Phil.