Virginia (Ginny) Anderson

Customer Service Maven

Ginny started her career at CBD as a part-time barista, and over the past 16 years, she has served as a retail manager, production staff member, shipping specialist, and has been known to step in to help the production team when needed. She is currently the “customer service maven,” which means she fields all of CBD’s wholesale requests. In addition to her coffee commitments, Ginny still finds time to work on her whimsical illustrations. She is a native Mainer and currently lives in Portland.

How she takes her coffee: I drink my coffee black because I like to taste all the beans have to offer. There is beauty in simplicity!

Her favorite Coffee By Design coffee: Organic Girl Blend is rich and earthy—a little dark, a little light. For me, it ticks all the boxes. I created this blend with a friend and former co-worker many years ago. Our goal was to make something that two very different coffee drinkers (like us) would both enjoy, and I think we struck gold.

Three most important lessons she’s learned working at Coffee By Design: Change is a necessity, every voice matters, and there are thousands of hands involved in making a cup of coffee.


I use a WMPG travel mug most mornings. It’s a local radio station in Portland, and I support all they do. 


I also use a ceramic mug from the Queen’s Silver Jubilee. A former co-worker had one until it broke, and he was so heartbroken that I found us matching Queen’s Silver Jubilee mugs.